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Welcome to Karen Millar Kendall Art!  I invite you to take a stroll through my collections, read my blog, and peruse the  items in the shop. 

I thought I loved black and white, and then I found color.  Color is the ultimate expression of creative love and of feeling and emotion.  Yes, even greys and neutrals tell a story in the way they can express a point of view, or a critical point in one’s life.   

I love layering and scraping, finding the hidden treasure that lies just below the surface - from under the obvious comes the truth. I don’t claim to understand what is happening when I paint, it is intuitive, surprising, and always evolving.  Pattern, texture, and color are the tools of my creative experience.  I interpret what I see and feel on the canvas with a non literal expression of that moment in time.  I find joy in the process.  

My intention is to allow the viewer to bring themselves into the work and find what it is they need, or desire, in the elements therein.  

From representational to abstract, there is always the underlying connectedness to something natural; the true essence of nature appears. The subject is the least important part of the composition, more important is how that subject is expressed through color and process.  It may be unrecognizable as an object or scene, but is intricately represented in essence. Through this process, pieces may seem outwardly, uniquely different in style, but are inwardly speaking the same language. 

Take a stroll through my website, and enjoy nature's beauty as you connect to it in your own personal way.



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Screen Shot 2023-04-14 at 11.19_edited.jpg

So Excited to be part of this year's 


AUGUST 4 - 6, 2023 

In Beautiful Old Town Park City


Utah's premier arts festival hosts approximately 200 artists from Utah and around the world.  Enjoy great music from Mountain Town Music, and lots of food and fun!  

I'm so excited to share my ABSTRACTION collection at this year's festival.  You can check it out on this website to get a preview!

Come on down, enjoy great art, and say HI!  


Making space for new work!  All paintings in the plant collection:  I Am Not Simply Green are now 25% off.  Other, older works, 30% off!!  Check it out int the "SHOP".  If you are local to the Park City area, we can arrange for drop off or pick up.



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