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Welcome to Karen Millar Kendall Art!  I invite you to take a stroll through my collections, read my blog, and peruse the sale items in the shop.  You will find moments in nature captured on canvas, in oil, with a blended palette knife technique. Palette knife is used almost exclusively to lay down color and blend; creating interesting patterns, color and textures for those who enjoy bold art with bold structure. Although abstract in nature, my paintings will remind you of places you’ve been, or desire to visit; they will evoke a visceral response, and invite you to take a journey outside yourself.  Take a stroll through my website, and enjoy nature's beauty as you connect to it in your own personal way.





One of the things I would like to do is begin to share more often the process of my creative endeavors.  This is a work in progress.  A visitor to the art space was admiring my Yosemite NP painting, but was wishing there was a Utah NP - when asked if I had painted any of the Utah national parks, I was a little taken aback when I realized that I had not!  I live in Utah, with our 5 national parks, and hadnt painted a single one!  Well, naturally, I decided I would do just that.  This is the Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park.  Stay tuned for the finished piece in a couple of weeks.



Park City Summit County Arts Council has recently procured the old Zoom building for a new studio/gallery art space called Create PC.  I am happy and proud to be part of the creative venture.  Inside are 14 local artists who are using the space as studio/maker space as well as a gallery/retail space to sell their work.  I am there 3-4 days a week painting and working.  On the corner of Heber and Main in Park City - stop by and say hi!