Welcome to Karen Millar Kendall Art!  I invite you to take a stroll through my collections, read my blog, and peruse the  items in the shop.  You will find moments in nature captured on canvas, in oil, with a blended palette knife technique. Palette knife is used almost exclusively to lay down color and blend; creating interesting patterns, color and textures for those who enjoy bold art with bold structure. Although abstract in nature, my paintings will remind you of places you’ve been, or desire to visit; they will evoke a visceral response, and invite you to take a journey outside yourself.  Take a stroll through my website, and enjoy nature's beauty as you connect to it in your own personal way.



In this space I will feature older, but still relevant and amazing work.  These pieces are still available! Check out the "Collections" page. 

AWAKEN:  This painting is designed to stir something in you, to awaken your sensibilities.  A patron of the gallery commented on this painting that he "could never hang it in his house" - immediately that sounds negative, but I was intrigued.  When I asked him why, he said that it was too "dark", that he saw destruction, and chaos.  Personally, I was so happy to hear this!  Art should evoke a reaction.  Alternately, a co-worker had the opposite reaction.  She loved the title, and thought that this painting could awaken people's consciousnesses, that it was hopeful.  As an artist I couldn't be more validated at the varied and strong reactions!



Art in the time of Covid

As is the case in so many cities across the country, here in Utah, most of the art shows and festivals have been cancelled due to Covid-19.  Unfortunately, that leaves me without an audience for my newest work.  Two shows, and one exhibit, that I was to participate in are cancelled, and the gallery/studio I work out of, CreatePC, will be closed at the end of July.  

Kimball Arts Festival

After great debate the Kimball Art Center has cancelled Utah's premier arts festival.  Unfortunately, having been accepted into the festival this year, I've lost that opportunity to share my newest collection.  The good news is, in lieu of an in-person summer event, the Park City Kimball Arts Festival will be a highly promoted virtual experience, lasting through the spring of 2021.  Participation includes an interactive listing on the official event website: ParkCityKimballArtsFestival.org, which will include a photo of my artwork, my name, and a link to my website where users can view and purchase my artwork directly.

Please check out the Kimball Arts Festival page on this website to shop my collection.  


I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to participate in this venture put together by the Park City Summit County Arts Council.  Here artists were able to use studio space to work, as well as exhibit and sell their work.  I've thoroughly enjoyed being part of this art community with a bunch of fabulous artists/people.  We will be out of the building at the end of July, so if you are in the area, stop by and check out the art before it is too late!  

UPDATE:  CreatePC will be moving to 825 Main, next to the Burton building!  This will be a smaller space, so no studios in there, and only 2-3 pieces per artist, however, any representation on Main is a gift!  So happy to be continuing on!  Will be open Aug. 1, 2020. 



New Works at CreatePC - 825 Main, Park City
CreatePC has moved!
Monster Drawing Rally by PCSCArts, and Kimball Art Center
Virtually participating in Monster Drawing Rally with PCSCArts and Kimball Art Center
Create PC promotional shot.
Creative Journeys Exhibit
Creative Journeys Exhibit
Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 8.13.50 AM.png
Exhibit at CH City Hall
Come have a look!
Red Butte Garden Exhibit, SLC
A Collective Tapestry Exhibit.  Downtown
Opening reception "A Collective Tapestry"
The crowd gathers.  It was a great evening!
A few pieces on the wall.
A Collective Tapestry Exhibit
In the Studio
A Sense of Place Exhibit
This piece looks great on Kimberly and R
Always exciting to get an email of your
So happy to see my painting on buyer's wall!
Hidden Voices Exhibit
At the museum - Hidden Voices
At the Kimball Art Center, Park City
Monster Drawing Rally
12x12s in black frames are mine!
First Show!
Fundraising event.  My painting is in the corner!
Kimball Arts Festival - great time!


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Hidden Voices Exhibit