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                                                                         The I Am Not Simply Green Collection

These works are reminiscent of the 1960s paintings that my uncle created, but with a modern twist.  I am creating a retro vibe with an illustrative quality. Bold color and structure will elicit a visceral response in everyone - what do the colors connect you to?  The circles are added to give the work a bit of whimsy, and to encourage us not to take them all too seriously. 

Why do I paint plants red and turquoise, and blue and green? Because, "there are so many colors, and I see every one." I tend to not like to follow the "rules" when painting, and love bold colors, this is reflected in so much that I do. Purple rocks? Of course!  Turquoise leaves? Why not? Creativity does not have to follow "rules" - art is a medium for which we can lose all the constraints and restraints of expectation, and explore that which makes us happy; nothing more, nothing less. 

For me, color is the primary thing that draws me to any art -  color evokes a response that is memorable, pleasurable, and sometimes, emotional.  It doesn’t always have to be “in your face” bright, it could be subtle, but I always prefer it to be surprising and interesting.  I wish for people to look at these paintings and be drawn to them, maybe for some unknown reason, and every time they look at them they are surprised, and ultimately, happy.

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