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A Collective Tapestry

Collective: Taken as a whole; aggregate - a whole formed by combining several elements.

Tapestry: An intricate or complex combination of things.

Standing back, assessing the crowd assessing my work is at the same time terrifying and joyous. It is a feeling of being so incredibly exposed, as if your soul is bared and the world is deciding if it is desirable, relevant, enticing. At the same time, it is such an honor to have this exposure, to be able to share something of yourself with others; something of grand importance, something that you care so deeply about.

My work, really, is meant to be seen up close, in person. Photos on the internet cannot do it justice; it needs to be looked upon, peered at, and allowed to enter your psyche, or your heart. The textural components cannot be captured on camera, the scale, cannot be captured, and the color is unable to speak to you, as well, on camera. People connect to the work on a visceral level, which is hard to do with a photograph.

It was exciting to see that Friday night - Peering. Discussing. Looking deeply, and expressing admiration. All good.

I thank the Downtown Artists Collective for supporting me in this exhibit. I thank Nikita Andrews Nenashev for sharing the space, and his incredible work, with me. And I thank all those that come down to enjoy the work.

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