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Art in the Time of Covid-19

Quarantining at home might seem an artist's dream - nothing to do but create all day. It is, and yet it isn't. For some, being in a dark place can lead to inspired work, reflective of their inner most demons or emotions. For me, inspiration and joy lend itself to my creative process, and finding myself in a stressed, upset, and even angry state does not help. In addition, with shows, exhibits and arts festivals being cancelled, it can be hard to motivate.

So what does an artist like me do? For me, it is important to lighten my emotional load. This requires getting outside; riding my bike, hiking in nature, working in the yard, and limiting my exposure to news and all things Covid related. It also requires connecting with friends and family, even if in an altered state. These things feed my soul, which also feeds my creativity. I also reach for a place of gratitude; feeling grateful that I am in a comfortable place, with a comfortable home, a great room to create in, and financial stability. So many do not have these luxuries at this time. I am truly grateful for this, I feel very fortunate.

So, yes, I have been creating. I finished two commissioned pieces, "Strength" and "Courage" (see photo), and have been working on my "I Am Not Simply Green" plant collection for the Kimball Arts Fest (if it happens, or however it may happen). Painting gives me refuge from the noise in the world, a quiet place where I can empty my mind, and transcend the uncertainty of the world right now. I can create something beautiful and joyful, and hopefully, that will help others in some small way as well.

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