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For the Love of Earth

My current work is reflective of the complexity of nature, and my emotional connection to it all. Each piece reflects a sense of observed chaos and beauty, coupled with uninhibited free flowing creativity and artistic intent.

All these pieces are presented as an interpretation of what I see and feel around me, particularly as it relates to the changing planet. However, I do not want this work to reflect, completely, the dire position the earth seems to be in, after all, where there is beauty, there is hope, right?

I believe that when we can really see what is happening, when we can really connect to the beauty of the landscape, when we are moved by something, then we move. This emotional connection is hopeful, it brings light and positive energy, and change. When we fully appreciate, we love, and we protect.

This work is definitive, yet open to interpretation, and my hope is that it will speak to someone in a personal, honest, and truthful way. Aside from a literal interpretation of any kind, this work creates a visual experience that is undeniable; it is rich, beautiful, organic and thought provoking.

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