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New Directions

A wise man (my husband) once said, "New directions are always exciting. Sometimes you find a whole new world, sometimes you get lost. But you always expand your horizons." True in life and in art. Lately I've been moving in a new direction, and with a new attitude. I've shaken off the need to HAVE to sell art and thereby feeling the need to create a formulaic strategy for what I paint. I am creating and experimenting with some varied subject and technique, and will continue to do so. Houseplants... really?! Andy Warhol said something to the effect of, "Make art. Some will love it, some will hate it, but then just make more art." This is the attitude I'm going to take, and hopefully, that journey will help me to develop, learn and grow as an artist. I'm loving this new direction, it is, indeed, exciting!

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