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Out of Darkness

Every artist gets into creative slumps, dont we? I hit it hard over this last fall. The weight of the pandemic and the weight of the election weighed heavily on me. The noise of it all, I feel, clogged my creative juices, and I found myself in a dark place - not creating, feeling an exorbitant amount of stress and anxiety. I was able to manage it all, generally, by playing outside and retreating to my happy places; in the mountains, on my bike, hiking with friends, but I couldnt tap into my creative spaces. After the election was decided, it was like a switch was thrown, a huge weight was lifted and I felt lighter, brighter ... hopeful. I picked up a brush, grabbed a canvas, and started pushing paint. This piece is what came out. I had no idea of what I was going to do when I started, rather I just let it out. I feel like this one piece of art speaks volumes, and, to me, is a very hopeful piece. I know things will get better, as we move out of darkness.

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