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Plants are Blue, and Rocks are Purple.

Thanks to my stepbrother Mitchell for sharing this song with me. Why do I paint plants red and turquoise, and blue and green? Because "there are so many colors in the plants, and I see every one." I tend to not like to follow the "rules" and love bold colors, this is reflected in so much that I do. Purple rocks? Of course!

Also, a great reminder, this song, that creativity does not HAVE to follow the "rules" - so many people think they are "not artistic" because they cant "make a tree look like a tree", somewhere, perhaps, like in this song, an art teacher or parent or someone, taught them that, which is a great disservice, and a sad commentary of how we can squash a child's creativity.

"Painting should be fun And there are so many colors in a flower So let's use every one"

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