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Settling In

Breathe deep. Exhale. Clear the mind, and get to work.

As things are getting put away, pictures hung, details completed, it feels like I have room to breathe. The first thing I did after being given occupancy, was get my studio set up. It felt so good to get my space livable and usable - for my studio is my happy place. All the things I love are here, inspiration abounds, and I look at my paints and brushes, and feel joy. I am excited to be able to create again.

This space is amazing. It's bigger than my last room - by about 50%, and feels like just enough. I have room for two easels, a big wall for large works, and a table designated to small works that looks out onto the mountains. Oh, and ya know what really rocks?? I have a sink, IN MY STUDIO! :-)

So now I am working on some small works for the Park Silly Market in September. Once I get ahead on that, I'm looking forward to beginning another larger piece - I've had ideas floating around my head for months! Still not exactly sure how I'm going to approach the next collection, but I'm ready to play.

Right now, you could say things are challenging - Covid Delta is putting a damper on any social situation and the smokey air prevents me from exercising and playing outdoors (normally my way of dealing with stress). But PERSPECTIVE. I am so incredibly grateful, and appreciative of all that I have, that these issues are ant hills comparatively. I am praying for and sending positive energy out there to all those dealing with the fires, hurricanes, Covid, and to those who are in Afghanistan. I look around my space and feel nothing but gratitude.

Peace, love and well being to you all.

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