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I'm reading a book right now by Austin Kleon who writes about how to be an artist, basically. One of the things he says is you must "show your work". Let people see what you do, talk about the process, the inspiration, the work that goes into the work. Its one thing to see a finished product, but how about letting people into the work that goes into getting there.

One thing that I'm excited about right now, is our (PCPAA) exhibit at the Kimball Art Center in Park City. This exhibit does exactly this - displays the process of the work created. Each artist (18 of them!) not only shows their work, but also has some sort of presentation that shows their process. In addition, there are demos, and art talks. It's called Creative Journeys, check it out:

I'd also like to share the piece I'm working on now. It is another National Park painting - funny because I wasn't going to do anymore. What inspired me? A visitor to our art space, Create PC, was admiring some of my national parks - Yosemite, particularly. But he asked, "Do you have any Utah parks?" Hmmm, I realized, strangely that I do not have any Utah parks, and we have FIVE of them here in our state! Well, that had to be rectified! So... here is the beginnings of the Mesa Arch painting in Canyonlands NP. I'm back to using palette knife, creating a lot of texture, and saturating color.

Stay tuned for the finished piece.

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