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The More Things Change (the better they get)

As an artist, I cannot present work that I am not 100% behind. Sometimes, I struggle with that, though - I "think" a piece is done, and it'

s "OK"so I call it finished. THEN... I look at it, over years at times, and consider it, and try to like it, but I just cant.

This painting is one of those. I originally painted this about 12 years ago! I had it, showed it, and put it away, thinking I would paint over it some day. Then I did..... 3 times. Finally, a piece I love.

Abstract is a funny genre, I'm discovering. I made this painting abstracted, you'd think; "put some paint down and call it good", but actually, it is so important to get the composition right - the juxtaposition of color, the design, shapes, and marks. That takes work.

Now, this painting will stand.

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