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What is the Purpose?

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

What is the purpose of making art? I've been contemplating that lately. I decided to have an "art yard sale" because I'm moving and have so many old pieces from the 18 years I've lived in my home, this old work takes up 2 bedrooms in my house! It was interesting contemplating this idea; how do I price things? How do I value my work, still make it valuable, yet make it inexpensive enough to "get rid of it"? My friends thought I was crazy as to how low I priced things, so I began to think about what the purpose is in creating art.... is it to make money? Is it to simply share my work? Is it to allow people to have something beautiful in their home, regardless of their income? I think it is all those things.

Dont get me wrong, I like to make money, I need to make money as this is my job, my income, but I also believe that art needs to find a home with someone who loves it, connects to it, and for whom it resonates. I try to keep my work priced at a level that is generally affordable to all, while respecting the work I put into it. I hope you find the pricing reasonable.

Having said that, there are a few pieces that I have that I truly believe "belong" to people I know. Here is an example: I have a dear friend whose husband's spirit place is Yosemite NP, he worked there for many years rescuing people off of El Cap, Half Dome, etc. She loves my Yosemite painting and really wants to purchase it for her husband... this is a VERY special piece for them. Unfortunately, she cant afford it at it's listed price. I believe they need this painting, that it belongs to them. I have made it affordable for them.

That is just one instance of selling my work below value because, to me, what more could I ask for, as an artist - to have my work so loved, so appreciated, and so valued by someone I love? To see that piece hanging in their house, to know that it resonates so deeply for them? Isnt THAT the purpose of art?

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