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It is with sadness that I report that CreatePC will be closing at the end of the month. We all knew it was to be temporary, but the announcement came just as we were able to reopen, and was a little surprising.

I have enjoyed every day spent there; the great creative space to work in, the job that allowed me to interact with others from all around the country, and especially the amazing people in our art community who I've appreciate getting to know well. The experience at CreatePC was so fantastic that I am hopeful for something similar to replace it. This opportunity has allowed me to share my work with so many others, and learn that what I am doing is well received, and appreciated. I sold a lot of work, got pieces commissioned and was able to explore my creative process - what an amazing outcome!

Thank you to PCSCArts for the opportunity and for putting this incredible experiment together.

It is said that "when one door closes, another opens" so I will be waiting and looking with an open heart, and positive energy,

for that next opportunity.

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