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A Spare Bedroom, or a Studio?

Speaking of creative spaces.... here is mine. Yes, it is technically a spare bedroom, but it is actually a magical space that transforms me, my mind, and my soul. I can overlook the size, the fact that it is technically a spare bedroom because it is everything I need right now. It is my sanctuary.

Here is what I have in my space:

- good music (thanks KRCL, public radio SLC)

- paint, canvas, palette knives, and brushes.

- creative endeavors past and present all around to remind me of where I am and where I

have been.

- things I love, to bring me happiness and stir my soul.

- motivational sayings and phrases to get me going and pump me up.

Here is what I need in my space:

- space.

- better light.

Welcome to my studio. :-)

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