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Abstract painting is not for everyone, in fact, it is not most people's cup of tea. I, personally, love abstract art. The variance of shapes, colors and textures, as well as mixed media creates something infinitely interesting and engaging. Those that love abstract art are attracted to it for these reasons, and for the limitless interpretive possibilities that abstraction evokes.

I've always been interested in trying my hand at abstract art. I've always thought it must be pretty east to do, right? A block of color here, a block of color there..... guess what? It's not easy. There's an art (no pun intended!) to putting the pieces together in a way that "makes sense" and that works together in a cohesive and effectively interpretive way. Those that do it well, are geniuses as far as I'm concerned. I wish to be able to emulate them, in my own way. I've done some abstracted work, my favorite painting is an abstract, but I have much to learn and practice. Hopefully, I'll find my own niche in the abstract world. I love the challenge!

My favorite style is to totally abstract landscapes. Here are two abstracts I've painted. The big one is Yellowstone NP, one of the geysers, and the second is my newest creation; I call it "Somewhere in Wyoming" after a scene I photographed in Jackson.

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